AGM 2021

There was no AGM last year due to Covid-19 restrictions. We were hoping to have the AGM ‘live’ this year, but in order to keep to guidelines we will hold it via Zoom.

Details and nominations form below.

Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol

nos Iau, 20 Mai am 7.30 AR LEIN

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 20 May at 7.30 ONLINE



Perllan Llangrannog Orchard update

a)    Cyfrifon ac Adroddiad

b)    Ethol Pwyllgor

c)     Unrhyw fater perthnasol arall



a)    Accounts and Report for

b)    Election of Committee for

c)     Any other relevant business


Mae gan holl drigolion yr hawl i fynychu’r cyfarfod ac fe’ch gwahoddir i wneud. Mae’n bosibl penodi dirprwy, gofynnwch am fanylion.

All residents are entitled and invited to attend and/or join the Committee. A proxy may be appointed; for details please ask

Os ych chi’n moyn ymuno’r Pwyllgor, ofynwch yr Ysgrifenyddes am fanylion.

If you wish to join the Committee, please contact the Secretary for details.

Cynyr Ifan (Cadeirydd/Chair)


Kat Dawes (Ysgrifeyddes/Secretary)



Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Enwebiadau 2021-22 / Nominations 2021-22

       Teitl ac Enwau Llawn yr enwebai

              Title & Full Name of nominee                                                                                                                            

                                          Dyddiad geni

                                           Date of birth                                                     



                                               Cod Post


                                Llofnod yr enwebai

                             Signature of nominee                                                                                                                            

                     Cynigydd (Enw a llofnod)

                Proposer (Name & signature)                                                                                                                            

                           Eilydd (Enw a llofnod)

                Seconder (Name & signature)                                                                                             


Dychwelwch y ffurflen at yr Ysgrifennydd / Please return this form to the Secretary

Cranogwen : Ei dylanwad a’i chyflawniadau | Cranogwen : Her Influence and Achievements


7 – 8pm


Registration Link

Cerflun Cymunedol Cranogwen Community Monument

Crangowen : Ei dylanwad a’i chyflawniadau | Cranogwen : Her Influence and Achievements

Cyflwyniad gan Yr Athro Jane Aaron o Brifysgol De Cymru | A presentation by Professor Jane Aaron of the University of South Wales.

Rydym yn falch iawn i gyhoeddi lansiad Cerflun Cymunedol Cranogwen, wedi ei gefnogi gan Monumental Welsh Women

Dyma gyfle i ni rannu gyda phawb beth yw amcan y prosiect, beth sydd eisoes wedi ei gyflawni gan Monumental Welsh Women o ran codi arian a beth sydd angen ei gwneud er mwyn sicrhau bod cerflun o Cranogwen yn cael ei godi yma yn y pentref.

I gychwyn y prosiect mi fydd cyflwyniad gan Jane Aaron, sydd wrthi’n ysgrifennu bywgraffiad am Cranogwen, y morwr, bardd, athrawes, newyddiadurwraig, pregethwraig ac ymgyrchydd.

Mi fydd y cyflwyniad tua 30 munud gyda cyfle i holi cwestiynau wedyn.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Cranogwen Community Monument project, supported by Monumental Welsh Women.

We would like to share the aims of this project, what has already been achieved by Monumental Welsh Women in terms of fundraising and what needs to be done in order to ensure a statue of Cranogwen is raised here in the village.

Our first event is a FREE Zoom talk by Jane Aaron, who is writing a definitive biography of Cranogwen – mariner, poet, teacher, journalist, preacher and campaigner.

The talk will last around 30 minutes and there will be an opportunity to ask questions afterwards.

Croeso i bawb | All welcome

(Mi fydd y cyflwyniad gan Jane Aaron yn Saesneg | The presentation by Jane Aaron will be in English)


Community Orchard – Perllan Cymunedol

At the beginning of last year we were trying to think of something to uplift folks and enhance the environment, a permanent addition to our village that can benefit everyone and the wildlife.

One of our villagers had the great idea of a Community Orchard so all could enjoy the Spring blossom and share the fruit in the Autumn and those with green fingers can help plant and maintain the trees.

We would like to plant about 20 trees, Welsh Heritage fruit trees where possible and these will be mixed with Cherry trees and hopefully some young grafted trees from local stock.

If you would like to support us in establishing our orchard any contributions would be fantastic (on average 1 tree, stake and guard = £25.00) but any amount we would be very grateful for.

Diolch yn fawr – Many thanks, and happy scrumping to all! Any planting will take place when appropriate and safe to do so.

UPDATE: Thank you all so far in supporting this project. We’ve decided to change our target as many more people would like to contribute. Our plan was to eventually site some benches and have name/information plates for all the trees. We will now use the rest of the monies for those purposes. Diolch yn fawr iawn. 

Perllan Llangrannog Community Orchard

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we did not secure any funding from the Cardigan Wellbeing Fund this time around. Thanks to all who voted, or tried to.

Join the Cardigan Wellbeing Fund Zoom Event
on Saturday 5 December to help the Welfare Committee win funding to plant an orchard in the car park field in Llangrannog. Watch our video application for more info! 😊🍎🍎🍏🍐
Ymunwch a’r Zoom Event dydd Sadwrn i helpu’r Pwyllgor Lles yn codi arian am neud perllan yn y maes parcio Llangrannog. Fideo isaf! 🍏🍎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Rights of Way

The Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee would like your help to secure some of the rights of way around Llangrannog. Unregistered footpaths can cause problems for both landowners and users.

We want to register the rights of way through the beachfront car park by the Ship Inn and from the Lochtyn quarry/turning point down the field to the coastal path. More info in the first file below.

We have prepared the (attached) Form D which is easy to fill in. If you use these paths, returning a completed form would really help our application to the Council. Diolch yn fawr!

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The Minutes of the 2020 meetings are now up on the site. Some months were disrupted by Covid-19 but we have held via Zoom where possible.

If you would like anything to be discussed at the meetings please contact Stay safe.