About the Llangrannog Welfare Committee and its work.

In 2010, Roy Tarbutt, long-time Committee Secretary, gave a talk about the history of the Committee, which can be read here (PDF): 2010 AGM – Roy Tarbutt talk

What does the Llangrannog Welfare Committee do?

After some 80 years, the Welfare Committee is still going strong and in recent years has given birth to two sub-committees, the Fireworks Committee and the Millennium Fund. Most villagers know about the more obvious things that the Welfare Committee does, like looking after the village gardens, arranging events on the beach and in local venues, arranging public meetings when important issues arise, and supporting other village organisations. What is less well known is all the behind-the-scenes work that the committee does, especially in putting pressure on local councils and utility companies to act in our best interests.

Mae’r Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog yn dal i fynd yn dda, ar ôl rhyw 80 mlynedd, ac yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf y mae wedi ysgodi dechrau dau bwyllgor, sef Pwyllgor y Tân Gwyllt, Phwyllgor y Milenniwm y disgrifir eu gwaith nes ymlaen. Mae’r rhan fwyaf o’r pentrefwyr yn gwybod am y pethau amlwg y mae’r Pwyllgor Lles yn eu gwneud, megis gofalu am erddi’r pentref, trefnu gweithgareddau ar y traeth ac mewn lleoliadau eraill, trefnu cyfarfodydd cyhoeddus pan fydd materion pwysig i’w trafod, a chefnogi sefydliadau eraill yn y pentref. Ond mae’r pwyllgor yn gwneud gwaith y tu ôl i’r llenni hefyd, yn enwedig trwy bwyso ar gynghorau lleol a chymniau gwasanaethau cyhoeddus er ein lles ni.

Recent and current Llangrannog Welfare Committee work

  • Raising money for charity – Macmillan Coffee Mornings, annual charity walk
  • Duck Races and Easter Egg Hunts to raise funds and provide fun!
  • Churchyard maintenance
  • Pen Rhip and St Caranog’s statue area maintenance
  • Controlling invasive species (Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsalm)
  • Litter picks
  • Welcome Pack for new residents; leaflet detailing local clubs/committees
  • Collation of volunteer information for help during events such as floods etc.
  • Financial support of village events such as the music festival Gŵyl Nôl a M’lan and insurance for Fireworks Night
  • Funding applications and design of the Maritime History Boards in the Sianti
  • Consultation with the council on matters of local concern e.g. parking restrictions, the rubbish shed facility, dog restrictions and signage
  • St Caranog’s statue, funded by the spin-off Millennium Fund

The History of the Welfare Committee
Llangrannog Welfare Committee has been established since the early 1930s, with minutes dating back to July 1932.

The Committee was responsible for:

  • Building the steps from Cilborth to the main beach (1930s)
  • Rebuilding the Nant Hawen bridge and culverting the stream
  • Streetlights, which the Committee paid for for nearly 40 years
  • Tackling pollution and littering with the first village refuse collections
  • Creation of the Millennium Garden near the church
  • Fundraising: concerts, carnivals, eisteddfoddau, flower shows and races
  • Opposing planning applications such as the plan to use the fields near the free car park (Llety Crannog fields) for a mini-village of 140 holiday chalets and 50 houses near the Troedrhiwgam caravan park (1960s)
  • Building of a mast and booster and laying of cable for most houses in the village to receive TV in the 1960s