Community Orchard – Perllan Cymunedol

At the beginning of last year we were trying to think of something to uplift folks and enhance the environment, a permanent addition to our village that can benefit everyone and the wildlife.

One of our villagers had the great idea of a Community Orchard so all could enjoy the Spring blossom and share the fruit in the Autumn and those with green fingers can help plant and maintain the trees.

We would like to plant about 20 trees, Welsh Heritage fruit trees where possible and these will be mixed with Cherry trees and hopefully some young grafted trees from local stock.

If you would like to support us in establishing our orchard any contributions would be fantastic (on average 1 tree, stake and guard = £25.00) but any amount we would be very grateful for.

Diolch yn fawr – Many thanks, and happy scrumping to all! Any planting will take place when appropriate and safe to do so.

UPDATE: Thank you all so far in supporting this project. We’ve decided to change our target as many more people would like to contribute. Our plan was to eventually site some benches and have name/information plates for all the trees. We will now use the rest of the monies for those purposes. Diolch yn fawr iawn. 

Perllan Llangrannog Community Orchard

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we did not secure any funding from the Cardigan Wellbeing Fund this time around. Thanks to all who voted, or tried to.

Join the Cardigan Wellbeing Fund Zoom Event
on Saturday 5 December to help the Welfare Committee win funding to plant an orchard in the car park field in Llangrannog. Watch our video application for more info! 😊🍎🍎🍏🍐
Ymunwch a’r Zoom Event dydd Sadwrn i helpu’r Pwyllgor Lles yn codi arian am neud perllan yn y maes parcio Llangrannog. Fideo isaf! 🍏🍎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Rights of Way

The Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee would like your help to secure some of the rights of way around Llangrannog. Unregistered footpaths can cause problems for both landowners and users.

We want to register the rights of way through the beachfront car park by the Ship Inn and from the Lochtyn quarry/turning point down the field to the coastal path. More info in the first file below.

We have prepared the (attached) Form D which is easy to fill in. If you use these paths, returning a completed form would really help our application to the Council. Diolch yn fawr!

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The Minutes of the 2020 meetings are now up on the site. Some months were disrupted by Covid-19 but we have held via Zoom where possible.

If you would like anything to be discussed at the meetings please contact Stay safe.

Croeso N’ôl




Yr ydym wedi cael ychydig fisoedd tawel yn Llangrannog, ond nid yw’r gymuned wedi bod yn segur. Mae cefnogaeth wedi ei ddarparu i bobl bregus gan aelodau o’r gymuned – siopa, casglu presgripsiynau, sgyrsiau pell-gymdeithasol i ofalu am bobl, gwneud bagiau golchi ar gyfer y GIG ac ati. Mae’r Pwyllgor Lles wedi parhau i gwrdd ar-lein. Mae staff siop Londis lleol wedi darparu gwasanaethau hanfodol.


Anfonodd yr Aelod Seneddol Ben Lake lythyr at y gymuned yn diolch i ni am y gwaith rydyn ni wedi’i wneud. Yn bwysicaf oll, nid ydym wedi cael unrhyw achosion yma hyd yn hyn!


Coronafirws yng Ngheredigion

Mae Ceredigion yn dal i fod ar lefel uchel o fregusrwydd oherwydd ein niferoedd isel o’r firws. Mae tua 72,000 o bobl yn byw yng Ngheredigion, ac mae gennym ganran uchel o bobl oedrannus. Felly mae’n hanfodol ein bod yn parhau i weithio gyda’n gilydd i guro’r firws. 


Pellter cymdeithasol

Mae pellter cymdeithasol yn parhau yn ei le – cadwch 2 fedr rhyngoch chi ac unrhyw un nad yw yn eich cartref. 


Gwastraff a Sbwriel

Mae gennym lai o finiau gwastraff nag arfer, a chasgliadau cyfyngedig. Os gwelwch yn dda ewch â chymaint o sbwriel gyda chi ag y gallwch, yn enwedig os yw’r biniau eisoes yn llawn.

Dilynwch rhaglen ailgylchu Ceredigion gymaint ag sy’n bosib, yr ydym gyda’r gorau yn y D.U. am hyn.


Busnesau lleol

Y Caban – archebu ar lein a chasglu o 11eg o Orffennaf.

Caffi Patio – clud-fwyd o 11eg o Orffennaf.

Pentre Arms – agor o 11 y bore am fwyd a diod tu allan.

Y Llong – agor o 11eg o Orffennaf am ddiodydd.

Siop Hoffnant (Londis) – Archebu dros y ffon/arlein. Gweler tudalen Facebook.

Oriel Sea and Slate – amseroedd agor cyfyngedig o 19eg o Orffennaf.

Tafell a Tan Pizza – Agor yn fuan am clyd-fwyd.

Caiacs Carreg Bica – Gweler tudalen Facebbok am fanylion.

Gweler tudalennau a gwefannau unigol y busnesau lleol am diweddariad a manylion. Sylwer, NI FYDD cyfleusterau tai bach ar gael.



Mae’r meysydd parcio ar agor (talu ac arddangos o flaen y traeth,  dim parcio a theithio o’r maes parcio am ddim)

Mae’r toiledau ar agor – parchwch y cyfleuster hwn, gan na fydd yr un o’r busnesau yn gallu gadael i chi ddefnyddio eu cyfleusterau.

Prin yw’r achubiaeth achub bywyd.

Raciau iard gychod / caiac – gwelwch tudalen facebook Gymdeithas Cychod a Pysgota Llangrannog.


Cysylltiadau a Chefnogaeth

Gweler tudalen Facebook Llangrannog Hwb i gael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am y Pwyllgor Lles a chyngor a chefnogaeth llywodraeth leol.


Gallwch gysylltu â’n heddlu lleol ar


Byddwn yn parhau i adrodd ar dorri’r canllawiau i’r heddlu lleol.


Mae croeso i chi sgwrsio ag unrhyw aelod o’r Pwyllgor am hyn a materion eraill. Gallwch anfon e-bost atom ar 


Parchwch y gymuned leol a mwynhewch ein pentref hardd.

Welcome Back – Croeso N’ôl

Llangrannog Welfare Committee


We have had a quiet few months in Llangrannog, but the community has not been idle. Support has been provided for vulnerable people by community members – shopping, collecting prescriptions, socially-distanced chats to check on people, making washbags for the NHS etc. The Welfare Committee has continued to meet online. The local Londis shop staff have provided vital services.

MP Ben Lake sent a letter to the community thanking us for the work we have done. Most importantly, we have had no cases here so far!

Coronavirus in Ceredigion

Ceredigion is still at a high level of vulnerability due to our low numbers of the virus. There are around 72,000 people living in Ceredigion, and we have a high percentage of elderly people. It is therefore vital that we continue to work together to beat the virus.

Social distancing remains in place – please keep 2 metres between you and anyone not in your household.



We have fewer wastebins than usual, and limited collections.

Please take as much litter away with you as you can, especially if the bins are already full.

Follow the Ceredigion recycling program as far as possible – we are one of the best counties in the UK for this.


Local Businesses

The Beach Hut – online ordering and pickup from 11 July.

The Patio Cafe – takeaways from 11 July.

The Pentre Arms – open from 11 July for food and drink outside.

The Ship Inn – open from 11 July for takeaway drinks.

Siop Hoffnant (Londis) – Online and telephone orders. See website/Facebook page

Sea & Slate Gallery – limited opening from 19 July.

Tafell a Tân Pizza – opening soon for takeaway.

Caiacs Carreg Bica Kayaks – please see the Facebook page.

Please see individual businesses’ websites and Facebook pages for updates and details. Note they will NOT have toilet facilities.



The car parks are open (pay and display on the beachfront car park; no park and ride from the free car park).

The toilets are open – please respect this amenity, as none of the businesses will be able to let you use their facilities.

There is limited lifeguard cover.

Boatyard/kayak racks – please see the Llangrannog Boating & Angling Assoc. Facebook page.


Contacts and Support

See the Llangrannog Hwb Facebook page for updates on Welfare Committee and local government advice and support.

You can contact our local police force on

We will continue to report breaches of the guidelines to the local police.

Please feel free to chat to any member of the Committee about this and other matters. You can email us on

Please respect the local community and enjoy our beautiful village.

Covid-19 & Llangrannog

Covid-19 update

Llangrannog is closed. We would love to welcome you – later.

  • There are no businesses open, and no parking in the village.
  • You are not allowed to visit a second home, caravan or holiday rental.
  • Fines are in force for those who do not respect the Welsh guidelines.
  • We will continue to report breaches of the guidelines to the local police.

Lockdown regulations remain unchanged in Wales:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if it’s not practicable to work from home).
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people.
  • Wash your hands often, for 20 seconds and as soon as you get home.
  • You can exercise more than once daily, locally, without any unnecessary travel.

Ceredigion is at a high level of vulnerability due to our low numbers of the virus. There are around 72,000 people living in Ceredigion, and we have a high percentage of elderly people. It is therefore vital that we continue to work together to beat the virus. The next few weeks are critical.

You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

Stay apart to play your part

See the Llangrannog Hwb Facebook page for updates on Welfare Committee and local government advice and support.

Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Coronafeirws a Llangrannog

Mae Llangrannog ar gau. Edrychwn ymlaen i’ch croesawi – rhywdro eto

  • Nid yw’r busnesau ar agor, ac nid oes parcio yn y pentref
  • Nid oes gennych hawl i ymweld a’ch ail gartref, carafan neu ty gwyliau
  • Mae dirwyon i’r sawl sydd ddim yn parchu deddfau Cymru.
  • Byddwn yn parhau i adrodd am unrhyw dorri rheolau i’r heddlu lleol.

Mae’r cyfyngiadau yn ystod y cyfnod hwn yn ddi-gyfnewid yng Nghymru:

  • Dim ond mynd allan i brynu bwyd, rhesymau iechyd neu gwaith (ond dim ond pan nid yw’n bosib i weithio o adref)
  • Arhoswch 2 fetr (6 troedfedd) oddi wrth pobl eraill
  • Golchwch eich dwylo yn aml, am 20 eiliad a chyn gynted ag y byddwch chi’n cyrraedd adref
  • Gallwch ymarfer corff fwy nag unwaith y dydd, yn lleol, heb unrhyw deithio di angen

Mae Ceredigion yn fregus iawn i’r feirws yn sgil y nifer isel sydd wedi ei ddal mor belled. Mae oddeutu 72,000 o bobl yn byw yn y Sir, a mae gennym canran uchel o henoed.

Y mae felly yn hollbwysig ein bod yn parhau i weithio gyda’n gilydd i guro’r feirws. Mae’r wythnosau nesaf yn hanfodol.

Gallwch chi ledaenu’r firws hyd yn oed os nad oes gennych chi symptomau.

Cadwch hyd braich i leddfu’r baich.

Gweler tudalen Hwb Llangrannog am ddiweddariadau ar gyngor a chymorth y Pwyllgor Lles a’r Llywodraeth leol.

Over 60s Christmas Dinner 2018

We had a great turnout this year for the Over 60s Christmas Dinner for residents of Llangrannog. Nearly 40 people enjoyed a three-course Christmas meal prepared by Mike and the team at the Pentre Arms. Jonathan Rees led us in a series of carols, accompanied by the fiddle. Thanks to the staff of the Pentre and Jonathan, and everyone who helped organise the day.

If you have a Llangrannog postcode (pop it into Google to find out!) and are over 60 years old, you are eligible to attend the dinner next year. Please be aware, we don’t always know who is over 60, (and we don’t like to ask!) so please request  to be put on the list.