Cymorth y Maes Parcio Llangrannog Car Park advice

From David Carrod, LLB (Hons), GCILEx Director, Small Claims Advisor Limited

I have been at the forefront of fighting private parking companies for many years, with a high success rate, and have recently been contacted by a client who received a PCN at Llangrannog.

The facts are that Mr H parked his car there, and paid the £4 tariff for the relevant period of parking, keying in his full registration number. The machine issued a ticket (attached), on which the registration number was truncated so that only the first digit, a letter S, was showing.

He appealed to OPS, and unsurprisingly that was almost instantly rejected. He then appealed to POPLA, and they sided with OPS, saying that it is a condition of parking that a ticket with the full registration number must be displayed. POPLA are not ‘independent’ as they suggest, they are fully funded and controlled by the British Parking Association.

Months later, he received a court claim, drafted by DCB Legal on behalf of OPS (redacted version attached).

I have drafted a Defence for him, and will be there in court to represent him should the case proceed that far, with a very high expectation that the claim will be dismissed in favour of the Defendant.

Please feel free to use /adapt this Defence for others in a similar situation, and to publish it on your website.

Kind regards,

David Carrod, LLB (Hons), GCILEx

Director, Small Claims Advisor Limited

Adroddiad Ffynnon Fair Report

(English below)

Yn dilyn dau gyfarfod a dau ymweliad safle, mae’r arbenigwr ffynon ac awdur Phil Cope wedi creu ei adroddiad terfynol ynglŷn â Ffynon Fair ger eglwys Llangrannog. Comisiynwyd a thalwyd am yr adroddiad gan James Stewart, yr oedd ei fam yn byw yn Llangrannog ac â diddordeb byw yn adfywiad y ffynnon. Diolch yn fawr i’r ddau.

Mae’r gymuned wedi bod yn ymwneud yn helaeth â gwaith cynnal a chadw i’r safle hyfryd hwn, a gobeithiwn fynd â hyn ymhellach yn 2023. Gallwch weld mwy am y gwaith a wnaed hyd yma yma. Bydd rhagor o wybodaeth am fod yn rhan o ddatblygiadau pellach ar gael ar y wefan hon ac ar dudalen Facebook Hwb Llangrannog.

Gellir lawrlwytho adroddiad Phil isod (fformat PDF). Os na allwch chi/eraill lawrlwytho ac yr hoffech ddewis arall, cysylltwch â’r Ysgrifennydd.

Following two meetings and two site visits, well expert and writer Phil Cope has created his final report on the spring at Ffynnon Fair near the church in Llangrannog. The report was commissioned and paid for by James Stewart, whose mother lived in Llangrannog and had a keen interest in the revival of the well. Many thanks to both.

The community has been heavily involved in maintenance work to this lovely site, and we hope to take this further in 2023. You can see more about the work done so far here. More information on being involved in further developments will be forthcoming on this website and the Llangrannog Hwb Facebook page.

Phil’s report can be downloaded below (PDF format). If you/others cannot download and would like another option please contact the Secretary.

llangrannog well