Cynydd Yr Ardd – Garden Progress

Horses heads – left and slates, centre

Diolch o galon i’r rhai sydd eisoes wedi rhoi mor hael i’n cronfa Gardd y Pentre Llangrannog. Mae gwaith yn mynd rhagddo’n dda, gyda’r waliau cerrig gwreiddiol hardd wedi’u trwsio, ‘penau ceffylau’ (cerrig lleol mawr) yn eu lle a’r gwaith ar y llawr yn dechrau. Rydym bellach yn defnyddio llechi Gogledd Cymru ar gyfer y ffiniau barddoniaeth, sy’n arbed arian.

Gyda chynnydd ym mhopeth o ddeunyddiau i gostau dosbarthu, rydym yn wirioneddol obeithio cyrraedd ein targed o £8,000. Rhaid inni hefyd ailadeiladu’r grisiau i’r ardd isaf fel eu bod yn fwy hygyrch a diogel nag o’r blaen; dyfynnwyd hyn yn £1,000.

Mwy o wybodaeth

Many, many thanks to those who have already given so generously to our Llangrannog Village Garden fund. Work is going well, with the beautiful original stone walls mended, ‘horses heads’ (large local stones) in place and the work on the floor beginning. We are now using North Wales slate for the poetry borders, which saves money.

With increases in everything from materials to delivery costs, we are really hoping to hit our £8,000 target. We must also rebuild the steps to the lower garden so they are more accessible and safe than before; this has been quoted at £1,000.

For more info and to donate please see

Adroddiad Ffynnon Fair Report

(English below)

Yn dilyn dau gyfarfod a dau ymweliad safle, mae’r arbenigwr ffynon ac awdur Phil Cope wedi creu ei adroddiad terfynol ynglŷn â Ffynon Fair ger eglwys Llangrannog. Comisiynwyd a thalwyd am yr adroddiad gan James Stewart, yr oedd ei fam yn byw yn Llangrannog ac â diddordeb byw yn adfywiad y ffynnon. Diolch yn fawr i’r ddau.

Mae’r gymuned wedi bod yn ymwneud yn helaeth â gwaith cynnal a chadw i’r safle hyfryd hwn, a gobeithiwn fynd â hyn ymhellach yn 2023. Gallwch weld mwy am y gwaith a wnaed hyd yma yma. Bydd rhagor o wybodaeth am fod yn rhan o ddatblygiadau pellach ar gael ar y wefan hon ac ar dudalen Facebook Hwb Llangrannog.

Gellir lawrlwytho adroddiad Phil isod (fformat PDF). Os na allwch chi/eraill lawrlwytho ac yr hoffech ddewis arall, cysylltwch â’r Ysgrifennydd.

Following two meetings and two site visits, well expert and writer Phil Cope has created his final report on the spring at Ffynnon Fair near the church in Llangrannog. The report was commissioned and paid for by James Stewart, whose mother lived in Llangrannog and had a keen interest in the revival of the well. Many thanks to both.

The community has been heavily involved in maintenance work to this lovely site, and we hope to take this further in 2023. You can see more about the work done so far here. More information on being involved in further developments will be forthcoming on this website and the Llangrannog Hwb Facebook page.

Phil’s report can be downloaded below (PDF format). If you/others cannot download and would like another option please contact the Secretary.

llangrannog well

Ffynon Fair

Ffynon Fair (St Mary’s Well) in Llangrannog is situated just up the road from the churchyard on the right hand side. The site is owned by the Llangrannog Welfare Committee, and we have long thought to do something with it. When we were approached by James Stewart and well expert Phil Cope, we were delighted to plan to uncover the well.

llangrannog well

The first work party got going on 15 May, followed by more clearing the next week. Enjoy some of the photos and the water test results; more information to follow. If you would like to get involved, email

PDF file: Ffynon Fair Project Overview

FIRST WATER TEST from Llangrannog Well
Sunday 15 May 2022

This is a fairly basic first test, but gives an interesting (and mostly positive) analysis of the (surprisingly clean in the circumstances) water

Total Hardness        50mg per litre (low)

Free Chlorine           0mg per litre

Iron                             0mg per litre

Copper                       0mg per litre

Lead                            0mg per litre (good news)

Nitrate                       10mg per litre

Nitrite                        0mg per litre

Bromide                    6mg per litre

Total Chlorine          0mg per litre

Fluoride                     0mg per litre

Cyanuric Acid           0mg per litre

Carbonate                 80mg per litre

Total Alkalinity        80mg per litre

pH                                6.4 (7-8.4 is good)

  1. Ffynon Fair (notes from a Welfare Committee meeting with James and Phil)

Welcome to Phil Cope (author of The Living Wells of Wales) and James Stewart to discuss Ffynon Fair.

James’s mother grew up in Llangrannog at the rectory; his grandfather was the rector. His mother had an interest in the well and James would like to pay for Phil to do a consultancy in memory of his mother.

Phil believes this well has national significance.

Two phases are anticipated

  • An examination of the meanings of well springs
  • Phil offers a talk giving an intro to holy wells in general and FF and its possibilities to encourage support
  • Determine what we know already about FF
  • The naming(s) of wells (Welsh to Christianisation) ­– 50% have ended up becoming Lady Well or St Mary’s Well
  • We should look at it in the context of all the others in the village – Penfynnon/Bywell
  • Ownership and source of the water
  • Importance of education esp. with children as a part of climate conerns. Part of plans on what the well’s future should be. Community involvement.
  • Cranogwen’s poem Y Fynnon
  • Well-dressing and well-guarding
  • Initial exploration, cleaning and assessment of site
  • Dyfed Archeaelogical Trust are interested; water test
  • Further community meeting to show progress and designs for the future
  • Press and publicising online etc.
  • Budget and funding applications for Phase 2
  • Phase 2 – Delivery. Buildling a new well, seating, surrounding, interpretation panel, direction signs etc.
  • Well launch and possible festival
  • Publication – TV, radio, papers etc.
  • Links with other sites e.g. Carantek/Crantock/Irish site

Ian ap Dewi remembers being taken after Sunday School to drink the well water, and that it was known as Carannog’s Well. Speaking to John MO and Ian would be very useful.

Mary and June Sylvester would have some information.

Lowri Williams as director of Gwersyll yr Urdd

Boco and others of the Beechey family.

It was noted that some drainage work was done on the field and the spring does not flow as it used to. DAT could help here.

We can begin asking for stories and photos, but should hold forth on the physical work.

We are not bound by the rules of Cadw etc. so we can marry this with our own creative contribution to the development of the life of this well by buildling on what has gone before. What does this mean to us today; how is it relevant (e.g. ecology, water, climate etc.)?

Gather ideas of local artists, craftspeople, wall-builders, historians etc.

Within 12 months of agreement – could be done by September 2022. First open meeting could be Feb 2022. March school work. April cleanup. July 2nd meeting. Report Sept 22.

Plans etc. Early 2023. 2023 phase 2. Project completed May 2024.

Heritage Lottery Fund will be very keen especially as we have not had money from them before. This will not be a very expensive project.

Important Notice

Mae gweithredu’n anghyfreithlon ac achosu difrod i’r peiriant tocynnau yn y maes parcio ddim yn cynorthwyo ymdrechion y Cyngor Cymuned, Y Pwyllgor Lles ar y cyd efo’r perchennog i ddatrys y broblem. Mae hyn yn adlewyrchu yn wael ar y gymuned leol ac yn rhoi enw gwael i bentref Llangrannog.
Illegal operation and damage to the ticket machine in the car park does not assist the joint efforts of the Community Council and the Welfare Committee with the owner to resolve the problem. This reflects badly on the local community and gives a bad name to the village of Llangrannog.

Talwrn Cranogwen

Dydd Mawrth, 8 Mawrth, 2022 | 19:30 – 21:00
Neuadd Pontgarreg

I ddathlu Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Merched cynhelir Talwrn arbennig yn Neuadd Pontgarreg.

Pa ffordd well o gydnabod llwyddiant ein harwres Cranogwen? Y ferch gynta’ erioed i ennill gwobr farddonol yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol ac un oedd yn annog merched eraill i ddarllen ac ysgrifennu.
Y Meuryn gwadd yw Mererid Hopwood a’r ddau dîm fydd yn ymryson yw Tîm Crannog V Merched Hawen. Idris Reynolds fydd y Capten ar fwrdd Tîm Crannog a Mari George fydd yn llywio Merched Hawen.

Dewch draw am noson arbennig. Mi fydd Radio Cymru yn recordio’r noson ar gyfer ei darlledu.

To celebrate International Women’s Day a Welsh language poetry evening will be held at Neuadd Pontgarreg. A fitting tribute to Cranogwen the first female to win a poetry prize at the National Eisteddfod. Radio Cymru will be recording the competition for broadcast.

Sculptor Sebastien Boyesen commissioned to create figurative sculpture of Sarah Jane Rees, known by her bardic name Cranogwen in Llangrannog, west Wales.

Press Release 1.12.21

Sebastien Boyesen in his workshop

The Monumental Welsh Women (MWW) statue campaign, in partnership with Cerflun Cymunedol Cranogwen Community Monument (CCCCM), a sub-group of Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee are pleased to announce that we will be working with acclaimed sculptor Sebastien Boyesen to create a life-size figurative sculpture of Sarah Jane Rees (1839-1916), known by her bardic name of Cranogwen, who is the third statue commissioned by MWW of a ‘real Welsh woman’.

Cranogwen was born in the parish of Llangrannog in 1839. Mariner, teacher, poet, journalist, preacher, campaigner; her many achievements, made more exceptional by the era in which she lived, saw her shortlisted as one of Wales’s Hidden Heroines. A short biography can be seen on the Hidden Heroines website.

Sculptor Sebastien Boyesen,who provided the community with their beloved St Carannog sculpture, will take forward this prestigious commission. As a contemporary sculptor who lives and works in Llangrannog, Boyesen has a vast portfolio of designing and implementing figurative public artwork across the UK. MWW were extremely impressed with Boyesen’s considered personal research into the historic, social and aesthetic representation of Cranogwen, and his experience and ability to develop a befitting figurative sculpture as an important permanent memorial to Cranogwen.

A site for the long-anticipated sculpture has been sourced in the centre of Llangrannog near the church where Sarah Jane Rees is buried. The sculpture will commemorate Cranogwen’s extraordinary life and her many and varied achievements, made despite the widespread sentiment against women working outside the home and with the limited opportunities available to them in the late 19th and early 20th century. Boyesen and the many contributors towards the project have already embraced the opportunity to create a considered contemporary work to celebrate Cranogwen and her incredible life.

In recognition of Cranogwen, who among other career achievements encouraged the talents of other women, MWW have partnered with Lisa Evans, Programme Director of the degree honours programme in Sculpture at Carmarthen School of Art, Coleg Sir Gâr, to award a paid menteeship for one year to an emerging post-graduate female sculptor from Coleg Sir Gâr to work with Boyesen on this commission. Starting in December 2021, this unique programme is designed to provide support for a female emerging sculptor during the period between education and professional life. Through working with Boyesen on the Cranogwen commission, the awardee will benefit by receiving professional guidance and hands on experience in the development of their practice through working on a live commission in the public realm.

 We are extremely pleased to announce that the menteeship has been awarded to Keziah Ferguson, who having recently graduated from Coleg Sir Gâr has demonstrated passion and ambition in continuing her career as professional sculptor. Keziah said,

“I feel incredibly privileged to be involved in the project, to honour the legacy of

Cranogwen. The warm reception I received in Llangrannog has made me doubly excited to start work with Seb and the team.”

Helen Molyneux from Monumental Welsh Women said,

“We are delighted to be able to announce the commissioning of our project’s third statue of a real Welsh woman.  Cranogwen was an inspirational woman whose reputation and influence spread not just across Wales but internationally, at a time when many women rarely left villages they were born in. This will be the third statue commissioned by the Monumental Welsh Women project to celebrate the achievements of Wales’ hidden heroines – the women whose contributions to Welsh life and culture have been largely overlooked because of the era they were born in. The first statue was of Wales’s first black head teacher, Betty Campbell, that was unveiled in Cardiff in September. The second, of Elaine Morgan the evolutionary theorist and dramatist, will be unveiled in Mountain Ash in the autumn.

Anne-Marie Bollen, member of CCCCM, said,

“We aim to celebrate the ambition and success of our pioneering local heroine Cranogwen and to commemorate her life and achievements to inspire future generations.”

Sebastien Boyesen has said of the commission,

“Being commissioned to create the statue of Cranogwen is both an honour and privilege and is something I would consider to be a highlight of my career. I look forward to developing the work with our amazing team including working with Keziah as an emerging sculptor mentee, and hope that I can repay the trust placed in me by creating a wonderful legacy for the village and wider community that celebrates the achievements of an inspirational Welsh woman.”

Those wishing to learn more about the project or donate to the cause are encouraged to visit the Cerflun Cymunedol Cranogwen Community Monument page.


Notes to Editors.

Sculptor Sebastien Boyesen:

Sebastien Boyesen has worked as an artist and designer for over thirty-five years. Committed to creating place-specific artworks within new developments and regeneration schemes. His practice explores communities and their landscapes, often highlighting the relationship between individuals, society, and their memorials. Using a diverse range of sculptural techniques, his work is always sensitive to its environment and is often born from engagement with the communities who live and work near to his sited artworks.

The Guardian of the Valleys, South Wales

Boyesen lives in Llangrannong, west Wales and has worked on several place-specific sculptural works including Guardian, who was commissioned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1960 mining disaster in Six Bells that claimed the lives of 45 men. The amazing 20 metre sculpture towers over the site of the former colliery where the tragedy occurred and is a fitting tribute to the men whose names are cut into panels wrapped around the memorial. A 7.2m Chartist Man made of stainless steel and the Lantern both sited in Blackwood and This Little Piggy and the Merchant Navy Memorial in Newport to name a few.

Sarah Jane Rees – Cranogwen, text by Professor Jane Aaron:

“Better known by her bardic name of Cranogwen, Sarah Jane Rees was a pioneer in many fields – from poetry to journalism. She defied all the suffocating restrictions of Victorian womanhood to enjoy a ground-breaking career rich in experiences, achievement and adventure. Her first claim to fame was as a master mariner. From the time she was a little girl in Llangrannog, Cranogwen was determined to live a less conventional life. Her parents wanted her to be a dressmaker, but she persuaded her sea captain father to take her on board ship. For two years she worked as a sailor on cargo ships between Wales and France before returning to London and Liverpool to further her nautical education.

She gained her master mariner’s certificate – a qualification that allowed her to command a ship in any part of the world. Back in West Wales – overcoming opposition to the appointment of a woman – she became a head-teacher at 21, educating the children of the village, and taught navigation and seamanship to local young men. Many men who would later go on to sail and captain ships across the world’s oceans were trained by Sarah Jane Rees at this small school on the coast of Ceredigion.

In 1865 her writing skills turned her into an instant Welsh celebrity as she became the first woman to win a poetry prize at the National Eisteddfod – beating the major male Welsh poets of the day, Islwyn and Ceiriog. Writing under the name of Cranogwen, her winning poem Y Fodrwy Briodasal – The Wedding Ring – was a moving satire on the married woman’s destiny, using the wedding ring as a recurring symbol.

She went on to be one of the most popular poets in Wales, winning more eisteddfod prizes and exploring themes from Welsh patriotism to shipwrecks. Her first collection of around 40 poems was published in 1870. And in 1879 she became the first woman to edit a Welsh-language women’s magazine – Y Frythones, a role she relished for 13 years. Packed with stories, poems and features, it campaigned for girls’ education and even had a problem page.

As an editor, Cranogwen also encouraged the talents of other women. Several of the female writers she gave a platform to in Y Frythones went on to successful literary careers.

Cranogwen was brilliant with the spoken as well as the written word. At a time when public speaking by women was frowned upon, she embarked on a career as a lecturer, Temperance campaigner and preacher – travelling across America twice. She often faced considerable opposition from male preachers when she took to the pulpit but was hugely popular with audiences who warmed to her vivid use of language and compelling delivery.

Temperance was an important issue for Cranogwen. She saw the impact of alcoholic excess on family life in much the same way we would view the dangers of drug abuse today. In 1901 she founded Undeb Dirwestol Merched y De (South Wales Women’s Temperance Union). By the time of her death in 1916 there were 140 branches throughout South Wales. One of her most progressive ideas was a refuge for young women. And while she didn’t live to see this dream of a house for homeless girls built, the shelter Llety Cranogwen was opened in her memory in Tonypandy in 1922.

So many pioneering achievements for a woman born 180 years ago.”

Professor Jane Aaron, who is currently writing a biography of Cranogwen, is a member of the Cranogwen Art Steering Group, and will be invaluable in terms of supporting the appointed artist with regards information on Cranogwen’s life and times.

Monumental Welsh Women:

Monumental Welsh Women is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to recognising the contribution of women to the history and life of Wales. There is currently one statue of real Welsh women in Wales – one! – since the unveiling of Betty Campbell in September. We are working to change this. Our mission is to erect 5 statues honouring 5 Welsh women in 5 different locations around Wales in 5 years. It’s a huge challenge.  The profiles of the first 5 women we want to commemorate, and information on our campaign, can be found on our website They are:


Betty Campbell

Lady Rhondda

Elaine Morgan

Elizabeth Andrews

Monumental Welsh Women works in partnership with independent art and curating consultancy Studio Response, who commission unique site responsive works in the public realm.


Cerflun Cymunedol Cranogwen Community Monument (CCCCM) is a sub-group of the Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee in Llangrannog.

Cranogwen Community Event

Digwyddiad Cymunedol – Community Event

Gardd y Pentref Llangrannog
Llangrannog Village Garden

Dydd Sul 31 mis Hydref 2021 11yb
Sunday 31 October 2021 11am

Dewch i gwrdd a’r tîm Cerflun Cymunedol Cranogwen
Come and meet the Crangowen Community Monument team

Clywed am ymdeithiad y prosiect i adeiladu cerflun o Granogwen yn y pentref
Hear an update on the project to raise a statue of Cranogwen in our village

Cwrdd at cerflunydd detholedig Seb Boyesen
Meet chosen sculptor Seb Boyesen

Rhannu eich meddyliau a syniadau
Share your thoughts and ideas

AGM 2021

Doedd dim AGM blwyddyn diwethaf – Covid.
There was no AGM last year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Manylion a ffurflen: Details and nominations form:

Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol

nos Iau, 20 Mai am 7.30 AR LEIN

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 20 May at 7.30 ONLINE



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Mae gan holl drigolion yr hawl i fynychu’r cyfarfod ac fe’ch gwahoddir i wneud. Mae’n bosibl penodi dirprwy, gofynnwch am fanylion.

All residents are entitled and invited to attend and/or join the Committee. A proxy may be appointed; for details please ask

Os ych chi’n moyn ymuno’r Pwyllgor, ofynwch yr Ysgrifenyddes am fanylion.

If you wish to join the Committee, please contact the Secretary for details.

Cynyr Ifan (Cadeirydd/Chair)


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Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee

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Perllan Llangrannog Community Orchard

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we did not secure any funding from the Cardigan Wellbeing Fund this time around. Thanks to all who voted, or tried to.

Join the Cardigan Wellbeing Fund Zoom Event
on Saturday 5 December to help the Welfare Committee win funding to plant an orchard in the car park field in Llangrannog. Watch our video application for more info! ?????
Ymunwch a’r Zoom Event dydd Sadwrn i helpu’r Pwyllgor Lles yn codi arian am neud perllan yn y maes parcio Llangrannog. Fideo isaf! ?????????