Car Park Field Maintenance

The free car park field at the top of the village has had the grass cut and the orchard trees tidied up. Thanks to Committee members Gerry and Adrian for their equipment and skills.

The field is owned by the Council, but the Committee has in recent years planted a few trees, sited some benches and aimed to keep the grass cut in order that more people can benefit from it. A toilet will be installed for the summer, paid for by the Communit Council.

Adroddiad Capel Crannog Report

English below.

Lawrlwythiadau PDF o’r adroddiad dichonoldeb a baratowyd dros y chwe mis diwethaf gyda grant Perthyn gan LlC trwy Cwmpas. Cyflwynwyd hwn yng Nghyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol y Pwyllgor Lles ym mis Ebrill 2024.

Mae’r Pwyllgor Lles wedi ceisio archwilio syniadau yn ymwneud ag ailddatblygu safle Capel Crannog er budd y pentref. Daeth ymddiriedolwyr presennol Canolfan Crannog atom i helpu i gadw’r safle fel ased pentref.

Mae rhan gyntaf yr adroddiad yn egluro syniadau, posibiliadau, angen lleol a’r ymchwil a wnaed. Sylwch fod y rhain i gyd yn syniadau ar hyn o bryd, nid oes unrhyw benderfyniadau wedi’u gwneud ac mae mwy o waith i’w wneud. Rydym yn croesawu sylwadau, cefnogaeth, cwestiynau a syniadau!

PDF downloads of the feasibility report prepared over the last six months with a Perthyn grant from the WG via Cwmpas. This was presented at the Welfare Committee AGM in April 2024

The Welfare have sought to explore ideas relating to the redevelopment of the Capel Crannog site for the benefit of the village. We were approached by the current trustees of Canolfan Crannog to help with keeping the site as a village asset.

The first part of the report explains ideas, possibilities, local need and research done. Note that these are all ideas at the moment, no decisions have been made and there is more work to be done. We welcome comments, support, questions and ideas! 

Apologies that this is currently English-only; you are welcome to contact Kat in Welsh or English

Prosiect Perthyn – Capel Crannog

A feasibility study into possible redevelopment options for the Capel Crannog site.

Adroddiad at Prosiect Perthyn – Capel Crannog.

A new page has been set up and more information will follow. The presentation given at the AGM is available to view now. The full report will be available as soon as possible (early May).

Diolch i bawb oedd yn dod at y cyfarfod. Thanks to all who came to the meeting.

AGM Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol 2024

nos Iau, 18 Ebrill am 7yp, Y Caban

Annual General Meeting 2024

Thursday 18 April at 7pm, the Beach Hut


Prosiect Perthyn – Canolfan Crannog

Adroddiad cychwynnol ymarferoldeb

Preliminary feasibility report

What is happening with the Capel Crannog site?Beth sy’n digwydd gyda safle Capel Crannog?
Who owns it?Pwy sy’n berchen arno?
What are the issues surrounding redevelopment?Beth yw’r materion sy’n ymwneud ag ailddatblygu?
What are the options?Beth yw’r dewisiadau?
What would it cost?Beth fyddai’n ei gostio?
Is it possible to make the site work for the community?A oes modd gwneud i’r safle weithio i’r gymuned?

Bydd y darlith yn cael e ddilyn gyda’r Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol 2024

The presentation will be followed by the Welfare Committee AGM

Mae gan holl drigolion yr hawl i fynychu’r cyfarfod ac fe’ch gwahoddir i wneud. Mae’n bosibl penodi dirprwy, gofynnwch am fanylion. All village residents are entitled and invited to attend and/or join the Committee. A proxy may be appointed; for details please ask.

Os ych chi’n moyn ymuno’r Pwyllgor, ofynwch yr Ysgrifenyddes am fanylion. If you wish to join the Committee, please contact the Secretary for details:

A Community and Commemoration Project in Llangrannog

Llangrannog Welfare Committee members, along with the Cranogwen statue team (CCCCM) and community volunteers, have almost finished the renovation of the beloved Gardd y Pentref – Village Garden, located between Banc-y-Felin chapel and Y Gerwn waterfall on the road down to the beach.
The first JustGiving page raised over £4,000, and the team won a grant from Ceredigion County Council to support the work.
Ahead of the public unveiling of the new statue of local heroine Cranogwen on 10 June, the team need to make good a new, safer entrance by removing old concrete and making an accessible slope into the garden. There is also some planting and trimming left to do.
We also hope to have enough money to provide information boards to illustrate Cranogwen’s life and importance, as well as celebrate the hard work of many villagers in the garden over the years. This and money for the entrance and the renovation of the old steps down to the lower garden mean that we must raise at least another £2,000. We also need to cover some costs due to rising prices of building materials. If there is enough money we will also purchase new seating for the garden.
Built in the early 1900s, the garden has been further developed and maintained by successive local gardeners and builders. The new design preserves aspects of the garden such as the original slate walls, and builds on it to provide a perfect site for Cranogwen to gaze towards her beloved beach.
The new garden was created by local garden designer Gail Robinson following consultation with the wider community. Stonework has been done by Teifi Landscaping. The design incorporates some of Cranogwen’s poetry, which has been set into the new stone floor.
We have worked in partnership with the Cranogwen Community Monument team and Monumental Welsh Women to bring this idea to life, and hope that the generosity we have seen so far will continue to enable us to make this special space last at least another century.

Car Park Update Feb 2023

The Llangrannog beachfront car park has a new parking machine which takes coins and cards. You can also use JustPark to pay (but the wifi is very slow). The rule that you must pay within ten minutes of entering the car park remains in place. There are new signs which clearly state the conditions of parking.

It should be noted that vandalism of the new machine or any car park property will be on CCTV. Please do not tamper with the machine; this means others cannot pay and is counter-productive.

We hope that the new machine will allevaite the problems that we have seen with the car park in the last few years. For any advice, please email the Welfare Committee at

Mae gan faes parcio glan traeth Llangrannog beiriant parcio newydd sy’n cymryd darnau arian a chardiau. Gallwch hefyd ddefnyddio JustPark i dalu (ond mae’r wifi yn araf iawn). Mae’r rheol bod yn rhaid i chi dalu o fewn deng munud i fynd i mewn i’r maes parcio yn parhau mewn grym. Mae arwyddion newydd sy’n nodi’n glir yr amodau parcio.

Dylid nodi y bydd y peiriant newydd neu unrhyw eiddo maes parcio yn cael ei fandaleiddio ar deledu cylch cyfyng. Peidiwch ag ymyrryd â’r peiriant; mae hyn yn golygu na all eraill dalu ac mae’n wrthgynhyrchiol.

Gobeithiwn y bydd y peiriant newydd yn lleddfu’r problemau yr ydym wedi’u gweld gyda’r maes parcio yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf. Am unrhyw gyngor, e-bostiwch y Pwyllgor Lles ar

Gwaith yn yr Oer

Mae’n bach yn oer i weithio ar yr ardd ar hyn o bryd! Ond mae’r tîm wedi bod yn rho pethau lawr i weld sut mae’n edrych. Gwych!

It’s a bit cold to be working on the Garden at the moment! But the Teifi Landcscaping team have been setting the stones down to see how things look. Great!

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