Car Park

This page will collate information to help those people who have received unfair fines from One Parking Solution, who administer the beachfront car park in Llangrannog.

If you cannot pay within 10 minutes of entering the car park, you should leave and not park there, or you will be fined. They do not listen to reasonable excuses. If the machine is broken, they still expect you to pay.

Note that this car park is no longer run by the Ship Inn. The owner of the car park, Mr Anthony Ramsay Williams, does not live in the area and has appointed One Parking Solution to run the car park. The Welfare Committee and local people tried very hard to get rid of this company, but we were unsuccessful, and the owner is not sympathetic. 

Please read all the information here and if you still have questions, contact

If you have any information which may help others appeal unfair fines, please let us know.

This page will be updated as we know more. UPDATED 12 May 2021.

Here are some articles about OPS from the Sunday Times:

Village parking options

There is a large free car park field five minutes up the road. In high season and guidelines permitting, the village-run Park & Ride scheme will be running again. Please do not park blocking access to the toilets, on double yellows, where the cones indicate the Cardi Bach bus has to turn round, in the boatyard, or on the hatched areas at the beachfront.

General Advice

You can appeal to via the One Parking Solution website

If you are unhappy with the verdict, you can appeal via POPLA, an independent appeals service for Parking Charge Notices issued on private land.

It is very important that you reply and defend the claim, otherwise you will automatically get a default CCJ after 14 days and the court will order you to pay the full amount within 30 days. If you don’t pay in full, the CCJ will be registered on your credit file, and you might also get bailiffs from the court. 

The first thing you need to do, within 14 days of the claim date, is to do an Acknowledgement of Service (AOS). 

Log on to using the password on the claim form and acknowledge receipt of the claim, denying all the debt. Do not submit a defence yet. This will give you a total of 33 calendar days to submit your defence online. 

Here is a guide to doing the AOS. You could get a CCJ if you don’t do anything. You only have 14 calendar days to do the AOS, from the issue date on the claim form.

See this post on MoneySaving Expert which explains the claim form procedure.

This post explains the whole process, from getting a PCN to going to court-

Advice provided by Amanda Wishart – our thanks for your help!

Grace Periods

There is a court case, NCP v HMRC, which says that a parking contract starts at the time the motorist pays, not when they first drive into the car park.

The grace period should allow time to park, read the signs and pay. If it takes longer than 10 minutes to do all this, but the motorist has paid, the operator should take account of this. 

The BPA have said this about grace periods:

Advice to those in receipt of a PCN when the machine was out of order – 2019

You should fill and return the ‘Acknowledgment of service’ form immediately, either on form or online. You’ll need your government ID number if you do it online.

This then gives you a little time.

The British Parking Association sent an officer to the site to assess the situation. He reported back stating the car park was ‘unfit for purpose’ due to lack of WiFi and regularly not accepting money or ‘out of service.’ The machine was solar powered and often ran out of juice (the new one is mains connected).

During these periods the ANR (automatic number recognition) was still issuing tickets. They knew very well that this was the case, as we informed both the owner and One Parking Solution. They carried on until we got the BPA involved and they closed the machine in the November.

Ms. Alice Kelly headed this investigation. The report was published 5th Nov 2019. Download it here.

This implies that many PCN’s issued should have been struck off due to the findings. We have had over 100 letters from people all over the country and abroad.

Further help

Money Saving Expert website has a lot of information on unfair parking tickets:

Signage in the car park

This is the main car park sign at the entrance to the car park and next to the machine
There are four of these boards around the edge of the car park.
Note the end of the first section where the 10 minute grace period is posted.